Real estate and industrial companies often have considerable values in buildings, machinery, equipment and goods. W. R. Berkley Insurance Norway offers a wide range of insurance products that protect your company’s various needs in the best possible way.

Property insurance covers buildings, machinery, goods and business interruption. W. R. Berkley Insurance Norway also offers Construction All Risk (CAR) and Erection All Risk (EAR).


The insurance provides coverage for fire, theft, water damage, natural hazards and other damages to buildings. Covers such as loss of rent, owner’s liability and glass breakage may be included.


The insurance provides coverage for fire, theft, water damage and natural hazards. The cover may include additional expenses, theft of cash and securities, damage to IT equipment etc. upon agreement.

Business Interruption

This product covers actual loss of profit in case operations are suspended due to an incurred damage. Additional covers such as contingent business interruption and wages to employees may be included.

Machinery breakdown

Machinery breakdown applies to most types of machinery and electronic equipment used by manufacturing, service, office and craft industries. It covers sudden and unforeseen damage to machinery.


CAR and EAR covers your financial interests in connection with erection of new buildings, extensions and refurbishment projects and installation work such as the installation of machines or production lines.

The insurance may be agreed to include Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP) for the principal/owner.