We offer the following insurance covers:

  • Company cars include combined vehicles and vans with a total weight up to 3.500 kg
  • Trucks and other large vehicles with gross vehicle weight over 3.500 kg
  • Working machines such as tractors, forklifts etc.

All of our motor insurances are based on the third party liability insurance required by Norwegian Law (BAL). We also offer a variety of additional covers, which allows your company to tailor-make the motor insurance according to your needs.

Company Cars

When you purchase a company car insurance, you can choose between different cover options for your fleet or fleets. Company car insurance is limited to cars weighing up to 3.500 kg.

Truck Insurance

When selecting truck insurance from W.R. Berkley Insurance, you can choose different insurance options for your fleet or fleets. Truck insurance is limited to trucks weighing from 3.500 kg and up.

Working Machines

We offer covers for working machines such as tractors, forklifts, dumpers, excavators, loaders, dozers, cranes, harvesters, special machinery, trucks and road works machinery.

Other Vehicles

We also offer insurance for other types of vehicles:

  • ATV (All Terrain Vehicles)
  • Snow mobiles
  • Trailers
  • Caravans