A Liability insurance covers third party legal liability arising from errors or omissions made carrying out the business mentioned in the insurance certificate. Within the scope of the terms and conditions and the agreed sum insured the insurance will cover the compensation itself and legal fees.

General and Product Liability

A General and Product Liability insurance is recommended for all manufacturing and sales companies, as well as service providers, in any line of business. The insurance covers third party legal liability for personal injury or property damage. It is continually more important to insure product liability, the liability you incur as a manufacturer, importer or distributor of a defective product

Professional Indemnity

A Professional Indemnity Insurance covers third party legal liability for the pure financial loss you incur as a consultant or adviser, e.g. broker, engineer, architect or assessor.

Directors and Officers

A D & O insurance covers the third party legal liability you incur for pure financial loss in the capacity of being a Board member or part of executive Management. The liability is personal, and the claims are potentially sizable. Your typical claimants are creditors, investors, owners and employees.


A Crime insurance covers the financial loss your company suffers as a result of crimes commited by employees.